As the world wakes up to the racism, discrimination, and fear that black people have felt for generations, we all are trying to do more to help. Whether protesting with the Black Lives Matter movement, donating to the SPLC, or registering to vote – it is clear that we all need to stand beside our fellow humans. We see the change happening and I know that many people want to do more to support that change in their own unique ways. For us at Olive + Goose, that is through technology expertise.

Black Lives Matter offer: 3 months of free IT Management and cloud productivity services

Starting immediately, we are offering 3 months of Microsoft 365 Business Premium to black-owned businesses. We’ll get you to the cloud with free onboarding or a greenfield environment, and migrate your data. We will manage any Windows endpoints you may have and offer cybersecurity protection. If you need a CIO or CISO to help map your business, technology, and cyber-security requirements, we have your back. All of this is supported and managed by our team providing day-time services for your company.

We’re a small business and we want to do as much as we can. Our goal is to try to help as many small businesses as possible (~50 or fewer people). I want to do more though, so reach out if you need help during these times.

You can contact our company at [email protected]. My direct email is: [email protected]