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focus on your core business and let us manage your IT Services

Do you want to get the most out of your cloud services while freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on your core business? Our managed services can help you achieve just that. With our team of experts managing your IT services, you can rest assured that your business is secure and fully operational 24×7.
For our insights into when co-managed or full-service delivery makes the most sense, read our blog post here.

Cost Efficiencies

Avoid upfront investments in hardware, software, and personnel by investing in subscription-based models, resulting in substantial savings and predictable budgeting.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

We’ll suggest and implement robust measures to protect your data and sensitive information, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and meeting legal obligations.

more scalability & flexibility

Allow seamless adjustments to IT resources as your business evolves, enabling rapid adaptation to market changes without the burden of capacity planning.

more time on your core priorities

Direct your internal resources towards strategic business goals, innovation, and growth initiatives as we handle the intricacies of infrastructure management.

Peace of Mind

Your infrastructure is managed by knowledgeable professionals experienced in supporting organizations, small and large, leading to heightened efficiency and minimized downtime.

pricing available on request

What we offer

  1. End User and Device Monitoring and Management
  2. Security Response (agent installed)
  3. End User support (application, 3rd party app, OS) and Training Portal
  4. Device support (patching, policies, LOBs) incl. M365 management and support
  1. Network security monitoring
  2. Quarterly security assessments
  3. Requires agent deployed on one “always on” workstation/server (per network)
  1. Includes firewall operation, administration, maintenance, and monitoring.
  2. Assumes Meraki firewall is in place.
  3. Existing firewall to be decommissioned
  1. Security Monitoring & Response (agent installed)
  2. Device support (patching, policies, LOBs) & support
  1. Available for users without a managed PC
  2. User account management (adding/removing accounts, creating policies)
  1. Unlimited storage for email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams
  1. Self-service eLearning solution embedded in Teams to keep your employees up to speed and productive on everything Microsoft 365
  2. Portal also accessible via website

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"No other vendor provides this type of service, so quickly and with so much clarity. This is why we continue to use you."
Director of IT