We are living in unpredictable times. Due to COVID-19, cities are enforcing lockdowns, countries are closing their borders, and businesses are shut down—all to flatten the curve.

Every day, more and more employees are starting to work from home, and to do so, they often need to access company assets from remote locations. IT systems around the globe are being pushed to their limits. Organizations and their employees are being forced to start using new tools for collaboration, with varying degrees of experience and skill levels – and some are having trouble adapting.

Microsoft is doing its part by making Office 365 and Microsoft Teams available for free to new business customers through September, including free onboarding services for trials of 150 or more users. You may already have Teams with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription. Both new users and longtime subscribers are invited to take advantage of several free Teams training videos offered by CoreView, an Olive + Goose partner, through the end of September. This free offering is accessible through the CoreDiscovery learning platform – which is also free through the end of September.

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leading collaboration tool, with more than 44 million daily active users. Teams provides not only traditional chat, audio, and video conferencing capabilities, but also the ability to share files easily and securely within a single application. Teams is protected by world-class security, and offers built-in compliance capabilities for medical, financial, government, and other regulated entities.

Microsoft Teams empowers your employees to work effectively from home. Co-workers can communicate privately by sending a quick instant message, or they can broadcast messages, content, or files to the whole team by using relevant channels, tailored to the needs of different departments, projects, and teams.

For organizations that are new to Microsoft Teams, to get maximum utilization, it is essential to equip IT admins with the right tools and to train end-users. Microsoft offers comprehensive training content on how to start and build up your Teams. You can start with the Teams interactive demo to train your end-users. For IT administrators, you can get access to the Teams training videos from Microsoft. You can also stay in touch with our blog posts to learn the latest tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams. If you have any questions or need assistance with Teams, our top-notch Microsoft certified Teams consultants are only a phone call away.

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