Olive + Goose is happy to announce the acquisition of Bifrost Solutions, LLC, in a move that strengthens our ability to deliver world class cloud solutions to our customers worldwide.

Bifrost Solutions brings years of experience in delivering time-critical solutions which complement Olive + Goose’s commitment to supporting our customers throughout the technology lifecycle. This acquisition not only strengthens Olive + Goose’s consultancy portfolio, it also reflects the company’s dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of services, from advisory to fully managed services.

As we continue to grow and look for opportunities for advancement, it has been clear to us that Bifrost Solutions would be a natural fit within our company. Olive + Goose’s mission perfectly aligns with what Bifrost Solutions has been doing. We are incredibly excited to bring out their best-in-class talent to our customers and continue to demonstrate impressive growth together. — Ankur Kothari, President of Olive + Goose

This acquisition is built on a foundation laid two years ago, and the partnership has only strengthened and further expanded in that time. The skillset that Bifrost brings have greatly enhanced the offerings that Olive + Goose can provide to our customers.

Bifrost Solutions is proud to join forces with Olive + Goose, a company that we have held in high esteem for quite some time. We believe that the values we share and the talent we both possess will allow us to continue supporting our existing clients and make new offerings, such as Data Analytics, Data Science, and Business Intelligence Services, available for our customers. Through this alliance, our combined talents can lead to enhanced growth and greater opportunities in multiple spaces throughout the technology sector — Marilu Navarro, CEO of Bifrost Solutions

About Bifrost Solutions

With skillsets in business analytics, Azure Automation, Data Warehousing, custom development, collaboration and SharePoint, Bifrost Solutions leverages over 30 years of consulting experience with a focus on data and cloud driven solutions to help your business grow.

About Olive + Goose

Olive + Goose is an agile, quality-focused company, trusted by small and large businesses alike. We innovate, support, and drive success with our customers by offering business consulting, technical consulting, and managed services custom-tailored to the businesses we work with, and the scenarios they are facing. Our deep customer commitment is matched with industry expertise and subject-matter knowledge, leveraging years of inside experience at companies like Microsoft, Apple, Unisys, and WiPro.