Managed Services

Olive + Goose provides managed IT services and modern desktop solutions tailored to your organization and its needs. Our approach is for you to gain the greatest value with lower costs and minimal need for oversight backed by a team of experts that have extensive experience with businesses ranging from small to large multi-nationals - including those in sensitive industries such as healthcare & defense. To deal with increasingly complex threat environments that come with evolving business needs, we can help you deploy, support, manage and maintain a responsive, modern workplace while letting you focus on business growth and profitability. Here is what we offer:


Olive + Goose offers end users with the most productive, secure computing experience through our managed services for modern Windows + Office offering – a service tailored to your organization’s needs. We not only help you make the shift and provide deployment flexibility, but also help you save time and money, so you can focus on driving business results. This service offers three tiers, from base level Windows 10 and Office 365 support, to comprehensive device monitoring and deployment along with a 24/7 support response, plus a limited number of hours of our Virtual CIO services per quarter.

In addition, with each tier, you can also add-on our Online Training Portal Solution at just $2/user/month.

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$15 per user per month

  • Always up to date Windows 10 & Office
  • Managed Windows devices & Office clients
  • Light management of Office 365 services + Email security
  • Requires Microsoft 365 Business, F1, E3 or E5 purchased through Olive + Goose


$30 per user per month

Standard benefits plus:

  • 24/7 Support Response
  • Fully managed Office 365 Services (Exchange, OneDrive, Teams)
  • Up to 4 hours of our Virtual CIO service per Quarter
  • Requires Microsoft 365 Business, F1, E3 or E5 purchased through Olive + Goose


$45 per user per month

Professional benefits plus:

  • Windows 10 PC + Mobile Device Monitoring & Deployment
  • Managed Microsoft 365 security services (Cloud App Security, Azure ATA, Azure AD)
  • Up to 8 hours of our Virtual CIO service per Quarter
  • Requires Microsoft 365 Business, F1, E3 or E5 purchased through Olive + Goose


We can help you keep control of your critical business data while enjoying scalability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility through our backup and recovery solutions. Our offer includes solutions that help not only protect your data, but also offers secure measures for preventing breaches, data loss, downtime and the probable financial loss that would otherwise follow.

Olive + Goose’s backup offering is:

  • Reliable – ensuring automatic backups for restoration of data in case of loss of data by user error or malicious attacks.
  • Simple – no matter what happens to the data, it is safely and securely backed up and can be restored at any time.
  • Safe – easy recovery of critical data after provider outage, malicious activity or user errors.
  • Cost-Reducing – a solution that will make you stop paying for licenses that are no longer required and provide you control of your user accounts.
  • Transferrable – you maintain the ownership of your business data, not the provider or the user who created it – back it up and take it anywhere with you.
  • Scalable – our services can backup both your on-premises & cloud resources.
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Olive + Goose is a strong advocate of privacy. We are committed to providing you with protection of your data and mitigating risks for your organization. With the increased use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace to increase productivity, sensitive data has gone mobile making it clear that mobile threats cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is critical for an organization to extend its security policies to mobile endpoint devices.

Through our mobile endpoint security service, we offer protection of your corporate data along with protection from app-based risks, device-based risks, network-based risks and web content threats.

The offer will benefit you by:

  • Closing a large security gap and measure your risk reduction
  • Securely enable mobility to increase employee productivity and competitiveness
  • Upholding your employee privacy and data sovereignty through privacy control features
  • Providing real-time insights and visibility into mobile incidents for a prompt and effective response
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Firewalls are the most crucial defense system in your business that protect it from internet borne threats.With a managed firewall, Olive + Goose will take care of the configuration, monitoring and support of the firewall in your IT environment.

Our experts will provide support for initial setup, policy auditing, VPNs, remote access, device health monitoring and enhanced threat protection to help keep your environment safe. Our solution also provides you with seamless connectivity, eliminating downtime caused by internet outages, intrusion detection and prevention combined with fully integrated internet failover and failback to/from the strongest cell provider in your geography.

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